Check out Dropbox, the Easy way to transfer files.

tour3aaStill transferring files around on a Flash drive? Why bother with that anymore when you can sign up for Dropbox and get 2GB of online storage for free.

So how does dropbox work exactly? First off its cross platform meaning the software works with Widows, Apple and Linux computers. Simply install the Dropbox client on any machines you would like to sync with. During installation on the first machine you set up you’ll be presented with the option to log into an existing account or create a new account. 

Select the option to create a new account, after setting up the account on the first machine you can select the option to log into an existing account on any additional machines you set up. After setting up the client on a windows machine you’ll see a new folder in your My Documents folder called My Dropbox any file you drop into your Dropbox folder will synchronize and be available on any other computer you’ve installed Dropbox on, as well as from the web. Also, any changes you make to files in your Dropbox will sync to your other computers, instantly.

But that’s not all, Dropbox does not only sync files it also tracks any changes made to the files, Accediently delete that presentation your supposed to give tonight? No problem log into th web interface and undelete the file, or pull up older versions of the file if you need to.

Copy LinkNeed to send someone a large file? toss it in the public folder then right click the file and select “Copy public link” you can then paste this URL into your email and any user (even users not running dropbox) can download the file.

Even if you don’t plan on sharing your data with other machines Dropbox has its benefits, Anything placed in the Dropbox directory will be immediately transported over SSL to the Dropbox server, and encrypted using AES-256.

Dropbox is also incredibly fast, say you have a 50MB file and you change one small aspect of that file, the client doesn’t bother updating the entire file, it only transmits the changes of that file to the server and then down to all the machines behind synchronized with the account, thus incredibly speeding up the process.

So head over to the Dropbox site and stop bothering with a flash drive.

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