Half Life 2 out on mac Today

Thats right, Steam was released for Mac 2 weeks ago and now Valve’s flagship franchise is no longer bound to run on only Windows based machines. So far Steam has been releasing new titles every Wednesday, and today we get HL2 added to the mix.

If you have yet to play I recommend picking it up, if your a bit of a story buff pick up the first one when its made available and get the backstory on Gordon Freeman. I already own a license back from when I was using a Windows machine and if you already have a steam account I believe (don’t quote me, I’ll verify this later in the day) they will be respecting that you already purchased the game and not force you to pick it up again.

If you do not own a license it will be on sale for $19.99 and once again I recommend it. This is one of the best-reviewed and best selling games of all time.

So whats your thoughts on HL2 and its availability to the Mac community.

Edit: Confirmed you will not need to purchase a new license if you previously purchased Half-Lift 2 on a windows platform through steam.

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