Fear Not! Reeder Will Not Die With Reader.


Yesterday I was browsing my news reader of choice Reader.app and stumbled across an article mentioning the shutdown of Google Reader. This was confirmed when later visiting Google Reader.


I’ve been using Google Reader for years. I purchased the iPhone version of reader about 2 years ago and after playing with it for about an hour bought the Desktop and iPad versions of the app. Its absolutely my most use application (Alien Blue being next in line). I’ve used other readers but gave up on them because of there inability to sync. I love being able to browse through my various feeds in my office. and then later pick up where I left off on my phone.

My first thought at Reader closing was what am I going to replace it with. But it looks like I won’t have to. Reeder has announced it will not die with Reader. I’ve not been able to find an official source but I’m hearing Reeder will be building its own backend to replace the Google reader service. and it will run on Googles App Engine.

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