OS X Quick Tip: Screen Capture Shortcuts

Ever wonder how to capture a screenshot on OS X, its not quite as easy as a windows box (Print Screen button).

It may not be as easy to capture a screen shot on OS X but its ability is more powerful, first there are 2 different ways to capture a screenshot, you can have it automatically saved as a PNG file on your desktop (Command-Shift-3) or if you’d rather it function like windows you can save the screenshot directly to your clipboard (Control-Command-Shift-3).

However it doesn’t end there, OS X takes it a step further, if you use Command-Shift-4 you will get a crosshair icon, this will let you drag a section box around the area on the screen you want to save. and of course if you use Control-Command-Shift-4 you will also get a crosshair, anything you drag the selection box around will be saved to your clipboard.

So the basic rundown on your screen-shotting ability in OS X:

  • Command-Shift-3:
    • Save Entire screen to PNG on your desktop.
  • Control-Command-Shift-3:
    • Save selection to PNG on your desktop.
  • Command-Shift-4:
    • Save Entire screen to your clipboard.
  • Control-Command-Shift-4:
    • Save selection to your clipboard.
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