blink(1), the USB RGB LED by ThingM

I normally don’t post about Kickstarter projects because frankly most, are crap but this one really caught my attention, its such a simple idea and yet so powerful, I think there’s a good chance I will be buying several of these little guys.

I’ll be picking up a Mac Mini in the near future to replace my hacked first gen AppleTV. Once I get that I can have the Mac Mini check my Server Status for a few domains I manage. and have it light up a blink(1) if there are ever any issues. The design is just small enough I think I can also plug one into my Apple keyboard at work, the USB ports are recessed under the keyboard edge. so it should fit snugly under the keyboard. I’m hoping it sits in such a way you won’t be able to see it unless its light up and then you’ll see the light on the desk.

It’s planned to make the devices hackable, and the enclosures should be user openable. Users who know Arduino or AVR programming can modify the gadget to do their bidding.

Again I don’t normally back Kickstarter projects but this is one I think I will. Check out there Kickstrter page for more details:

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