The Secret of lyrics in iTunes

Here’s a little known secret. Well at least little known to me since I just discovered it.

While I knew iTunes supported lyrics, I just discovered that both the iPod and the iPhone support it too.

Great good news and bad news right?

While I got a kick out of being able to load up the lyrics on my devices, I dread the idea of looking up the lyrics for 3500+ songs. On top of that, then needing to copy all that information over to each song. You can imagine that would take about forever.

And to tell you the truth, my collection really isn’t that large. At least compared to some of my other friends. Hell, I have a friend I used to work with that can fill a one-terabyte external drive with her music.

Sorrow Lyrics in HarmonicFortunately, I found a neat a little utility to help out. It’s called Harmonic by Mindquirk Software. (Link at the bottom).

This little guy is a dashboard widget (yep, you need a Mac) that does a few useful things. First, it checks to see if the lyrics exist for the current song playing. If they do, it simply displays them for you to view.

Now the real magic takes place when the lyrics do not exist. In this case, it automatically grabs the lyrics from the net and displays them for you. Then it writes the lyrics to the file so you can view them with your iPod or iPhone while you’re on the go.

WNo Lyrics Foundhat if it can’t find them for you?

It provides you a little button (the magnifying glass) to automatically search Google for the lyrics. In the example to the right the song was Bring Em Back Alive by Audioslave. When you click the button, it automatically launches your default browser and searches for the lyrics.

When it locates them, you simply copy them, go back to your dashboard, and click the “arrow” button to paste them into Harmonic. At the same time, they’re also written to the file.

The real beauty to this application is that you don’t really have to do anything, most of the time. It typically has no problem locating the lyrics.

Simply install this widget and then just listening to your music in iTunes like you normally would. Your collection will slowly become populated with lyrics automatically.

I hope you find this little guy as useful as I have.

Till next time

//Brandon Leon

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