Flock Moving To Google Chrome

Flock is a Broswer desiged with Social interaction in mind, with the ability to plug right into most social sites like facebook and twitter. Run your own WordPress install? It can plug into that as well, even has a built in blog eitor. If it wasnt for me writing my blog from so many locations I’d use it. but for now I stick to the built in WordPress editor.

Flock has been unappy with support from Mozilla, even going as far as to say they are feeling like the “red headed step child of the Mozilla development community.” I for one am torn on this subject, while I love Google Chrome I love the addon’s for Firefox, and most of them work with Flock as well, but then again. If they were to add plug in support for Chrome I’m sure I’d move to Chrome for good. Even though for now I only run it on my work computer as every personal machine of mine Runes OS X or Linux.

Granted Google is working on a OS X version of the Chrome browser, but on that platform I’m going to be pretty torn between it or Safari 4.

In the end I tend to trust the developers judgment and I’d like to believe they would not put the time into a product they were not sure the everyday user will love.

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