PS3 Based Media Center

I’ve been toying around with the Idea of building a media center PC for the past few months. I also just purchased a High Definition 61″ Television. Looking over the features of my PS3 I noticed something special. Why take the time to build a new PC to act as a Media center when I could simply install a Linux distribution on my Playstation 3 along with MythTV?

MythTVAnd so dawns my next project. I’ll be partitioning a mere 10 Gigs of the PS3 Hard disk.

I know what your thinking already.

“How are you going to fit all your music and movies onto 10 Gigs?”

Well, this is the fun part. You see, I have the 60Gig model and I was thinking that same exact question. Only the other way around, because the playstation gives you 3 options when formating the drive.

  • Format 10Gigs for the PS3
  • Format 10Gigs to another OS
  • Format the entire disk for the PS3

Now for my version of the above question.

“How am I going to fit all my music and movies onto 50 Gigs?”

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