Why my next Computer will be a Mac mini.

Currently my two primary computers are my iMac at home and my MacBook for on-the-go computing. Not the MacBook Pro I bought my Aluminum MacBook two months before it was renamed the MacBook Pro. but hardware wise its practically the same thing. I do lots of photography work on my iMac and while its almost 4 years old, it does a wonderful job still.

My Macbook and My iMac are pretty much Identical except for the RAM and Video Cards. Both Machines have Core 2 Duo, 2.4 Ghz Processors. the iMac has 4 Gigs of 667 MHz DDR2 ram and a RadionHD 2600 with 256MB of Video Memory, while the MacBook only has 2 Gigs of 1067MHz DDR3 ram with a NVIDIA GeForce 9400M Also with 256MB of video memory.

My next computer really doesn’t need to be all that powerful I’m looking for something I can connect to my HD TV in the living room and connect a bluetooth keyboard and mouse to. then I can surf the net, listen to slacker and watch Netflix from my entertainment center. There is one other reason I’d like to pick up a Mac mini over a newAppleTV. I currently have the old version of the AppleTV with the absence of Netflix can do pretty much everything else the new one can. Also I run a server 24×7 for monitoring a Linux server I manage, I’d like to move this over to a Mac mini as they draw MUCH less power than the Linux server I’m currently running.

When Idle the Mac mini only draws 10 watts, that’s less than a standard light bulb, when sitting just monitoring a remote machine I estimate it may use around 15watts, even at max power though the Mac mini will only draw 85 watts, far less than the 300 watt power supply currently powering my existing monitoring server.

Eventually I’d like to upgrade my iMac to a new 27″ model, but for now its doing just fine. =)

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