Pebble Watch


I’m not a big fan of watches but I may have to pick one of these guys up. Connecting via Bluetooth to your iPhone it gets all kinds of nifty information from your phone and the internet depending on the apps you install to the device.

Pebble can receive simple alerts and notifications from if this then that ( More adventurous developers can use the Pebble SDK, with its Arduino-like abstractions and simple C structure, to gain full control of the watch.


I should have taken advantage when the Pebble was on Kickstarter they were hoping to raise $100,000 for production and ended up with over $10 Million. By backing them with $99 you essentially preordered a Jet Black watch. If you’d like to pre-order one now you can do so on but it’s going to cost you $150

The watch allows you to view Incoming Caller ID information, emails, calendar alerts, Facebook messages, Twitter notifications and more.

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