Amazon’s new kindle includes Special Offers & Sponsored Screensavers.

Okay while it’s not really a new kindle but an ad-supported version of the current version for $25 dollars less. I’m not entirely convinced I agree with this idea at all. I’d rather pay the additional $25 and not be forced to look at ad’s. I might be okay if it was confined to the screensaver only but it’s not. For a $25 savings you’ll get ads on your screensaver and at the bottom of your home screen. Amazon went ahead and decided to keep ads out of the books themself so as not to interrupt reading.

If I was going to consider this I think they should offer it at the sweeter deal of $99. I’ll go ahead and stick with my current kindle and when I’m ready to upgrade I’ll do so to the full priced version so I’m only looking at the content I want to. $25 just isn’t quite a good enough of a deal in my current opinion.

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