My thoughts on my iPad 2.

I ended up taking a few days off work and wen’t to Disneyland with my family. After which I followed them up north to spend a few days with them. I got my hands on my iPad and while I have to practice a bit more on typing i’m very happy with it.

I went ahead and picked up Pages so I can start writing more often and I’m thinking it may end up replacing my MacBook on most daily activities such as web surfing and checking my email. I love not having to wait for the system to boot or wake up when all I want to do is check for an email or read some of my regular blogs.

Performance wise I’me very happy. Everything I’ve done this far has been very snappy and quick to respond. This is largely due to Apple’s 1GHz dual core chip it’s calling the A5. The graphics have also been greatly increased which is evident in applications like Infinity Blade the game loads very quickly and I think the controls are more responsive thank the iPhone 4 version of the game.

FaceTime is a new addition to the iPad and I think it fits perfectly. Especially standing it up on it’s own with the smart cover having face to face conversations with family and friends was never easier.

back to the smart cover I really like this idea. While apple claims it also keeps the screen clean I’m not seeing this actually happen. That being said i’m still very impressed with it and love being able to prop the device up when typing or even stand it up for FaceTime and movies.

for those of you without an iPad yet I really do recommend the device. If your a current iPad 1 user I’m just not convinced you should upgrade just yet in less you really want FaceTime. I’m still convinced after another generation or two we will see the retina display on the iPad.

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