iPad 2… On the way.

So my birthday is coming up next month and my parents surprised me with the news of an iPad on its way. They live about 5 hours away from me and the unit was shipped to them, I’ll get my hands on it this weekend. And I’ll be sure to write a follow up post to this one with my thoughts on the device.

I never had the first iPad but I had the opportunity to play with it on a few occasions. I was impressed but in the end I decided I would be better off waiting for Apples 2nd try. FaceTime made my wait worth it. I’m not a big FaceTime user but occasionally its nice to phone home and talk face to face with the family.

I’m excited to have a much more lightweight device to replace a lot of what I’ve been caring my MacBook around for. Email and even some remote Linux work. I’ve been able to do a lot of work from iSSH but the screen is to small for everything I need to do. The larger screen real estate should make things a bit easier.

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