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My Job has demanded that everyone in my position be CCNA certified, Even went as far as reimbursing us for Cisco Press books to help along the way… Unless you purchased the kindle version as I did. No big deal at least I don’t have to lug large books around.  Last night I pulled out my kindle to do some studying. to find a shattered screen on my beloved ebook reader. This did not stop me from studying since I have Kindle for Mac installed on my MacBook. But my first thought was “wonderful, I’m out $190 for a new Kindle”.

Two thing’s about Amazon impressed me in this situation. The first was when I scheduled a Phone call last night at 2AM (I work swing shift, thus a night owl) to have them call me back the next on the day. There was no option for this, but there was an option to have them call me back immediately. So I was able to speak with someone about my kindle immediately. The second is I found out I wasn’t out the full cost of a kindle. Granted I was out of the warranty (my kindle was a gift from 2 years ago). But they allowed me the option of exchanging my damaged kindle for $89 for a new one.

The only thing out of this entire situation I was bummed about was the fact that they would not let me pay a bit more for an upgrade to the latest generation. All in all Amazon has reinforced my love for them =)

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