limera1n verified on 4.1

Verified limera1n Jailbreak works with iOS 4.1 today, I’ve been running 4.0.1 for some time, and I decided tonight to upgrade to 4.1 to get HDR Photographs and GameCenter on my device.  I was a tad worried about trying the upgrade but fairly confident I could revert to 4.0.1 since I took the time to store my SHSH keys with Cydia (

So if your currently running 4.1 on your iPhone and want to jailbreak it for any reason at all feel free to use limera1n ( Its extreamly easy to use simply run the application plug in your phone and click the “Make it rain” button. then follow the instructions on the app until it tells you its finished.

After the app tells you its done, your iPhone will be off. Turn it back on, and run the limera1n app, you can then install Cydia and uninstall limera1n from your iPhone. Happy Iphone hacking =)

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