EPICWIN! – Level up your life.

In my experience I’ve found one small problem with to do applications on the iPhone. At least for me I never actually use it. and since I never open it I forget about things I need to get done. Epic Win ($2.99) fixes that, it combines your to do list with RPG style gameplay. When you add a new item to your to do list you can assign it an XP value to reward you with when you complete that item. Gaining XP causes your character to level up and gain loot. Thus encouraging you to actually work at doing the things on your list of items to do.

Check out the Epic Win Pre-Release Trailer

I have to admit I think its highly worth the $3 price tag. This little app will be sure to remind you to take out trash, Send that Birthday card and visit the Gym on a regular basis. With Epic win you get to watch your avatars stats develop based on your real life actions.

Every time you complete a task from your task lice you move forward on the quest map, every location will uncover new rare items.

Give Epic Win a try today, and start Leveling up your life!

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