Quick and easy eBay auctions with iSale from equinux.

I picked up iSale 5 a while ago in a bundle of Mac software. I found it’s a wonderful tool to quickly get good looking auctions up on ebay.  But it doesn’t stop there iSale offers tools to help you out before and after the auction as well.

Before you even set up your auction iSale’s Research Assistant finds images and descriptions for the items you want to sell. Save the information for later reference or send it straight to your auction template.

After you have your template picked out and are ready to place your action you can schedule the auction to start at a later date. Why would you want to do this? My research and experience shows the best time for your action to end is Sunday evening. Why? That’s the time most people are home from work browsing the internet (and eBay) so what better way to tempt people than an auction that’s ending in an hour or 2?

During the auction iSale will keep tabs on your item even going as far to show you recent bids on the item.

Ok, the auctions over, surly iSales job is done… Right? Nope. Now iSale can help you contact your buyer, and even print a shipping label for your newly sold item.

Equinux recently released iSale express which is the quick way to get your eBay auctions up and running. Dive straight in with a simple choice of designs and layouts. Edit your text, add some photos and watch the bids roll in. iSale express is the basic alternative to the full iSale experience. Its not quite as powerful as iSale 5 but it still helps you get your auctions up quickly. And I have 5 promo codes, I’ll be giving out. What do you need to do? Post a comment telling me what you need to sell on ebay, 5 random commenter’s will get a shiny promo code for iSale express.

Check out the full Feature comparison on Equinus’s iSale Express Page.

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2 thoughts on “Quick and easy eBay auctions with iSale from equinux.

  1. I have some pottery I could possibly sell. As well as plenty of games if I ever decide to sell them (probably not). And I’ll probably have to end up helping my grandparents sell stuff.

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