Apples response to reception issues??? Free Bumpers for all! [Update]

Thats right during todays press conference. Steve Jobs announced that they will be providing a free bumpers or cases for everyone who has:

  • Already purchased an iPhone 4
  • Plans on purchasing one before September 30th
    • After Sep 30th Apple will re-evaluate the situation and ether extend the free case offer or provide a different solution.

Apple will offer a free iPhone 4 Bumper or other select cases to iPhone 4 customers. Details on how to order a free Bumper or case will be available soon on

Apple also did some research and determined that all smart phones suffer from this phenomenon when  you cover the internal antenna. The only difference with the iPhone 4 is its so obvious given that the problem occurs over one of the black bands on the antenna of the phone.

What color bumper will you be picking? I’m going for white myself.

Update (8/10/20210): Apple didnt offer any color other than black for the free iPhone 4 Bumper deal. But I received mine about a week ago. I really like it but was also really hoping for a white one =(

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