Why you might want to hang onto the unlimited iPhone data plan

I recently just assisted with a project that involved rewiring a server room for a company in San Diego. Given that the project was over the corse of two, 8-hour days. I wanted to have a bit of music to listen to.  I didn’t even think of resetting my phone’s stats to see how much data I actually used until after the first day was over, after resetting the iphone I found that one 8 hour day of listening to pandora over my 3G connection pulled 180Mb of data. If you were to listen to music every day at work that translates to 3.6GB. Now I hardly use that much data but I like to know I can if I need it.

This is not the primary reason however I think it would be in your best intreats to go ahead and hang onto your unlimited plan. the iPhone 4 (Which I have already pre ordered) will offer FaceTime, while this will initially only work on a WiFi connection I can guarantee once they release it on 3G and we all know apple is itching to see it over 3G. its going to cut into your data usage. I don’t know about you but I’d like to not have to worry about how much video calls I make. I already know quite a few people that will be getting an iPhone 4 along side me so I know I’ll be using FaceTime.

Whats your thoughts on Apple killing the Unlimited Data plan and do you decide to keep you unlimited plan or save the $5 a month to cripple your iPhone to 2gigs a month? That being said however I will have to admit that the most data I have ever personally used since having an iPhone was 600Mb. I’m just looking toward whats to come, Data’s not getting any smaller if anything we’ll be seeing much higher resolution images for download to take advantage of the much higher resolution Retina display.

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