iPhone 4

Apple has done it again, I’ll be pre-ordering one on the 15th will you? The only question on my mind is White ore Black. To tell you the truth, I like them about the same, maybe leaning just a little on the side of Black, but than again, I don’t want to be like every other person out there. and for that reason alone there is a very good chance I may be going with the white. The biggest thing the iPhone 4 will be sporting will be the introduction of FaceTime and I’m really stoked to hear apple will be making it an open standard.

Another new feature will be the front facing camera, for the video chat as well as simply taking self portraits. This has been annoying on the iPhone across all the previous versions. Its not so much not being able to see the screen but trying to find the button it is after all on a touch screen. Theres a very easy fix for this and I jail-broke my first iPhone (first gen) to get this feature, allow the volume buttons to act as a shutter release! But thats all in the past because now you can simply use the front facing camera to frame your face and be able to see where the shutter button is.

Another amazing feature is the Retina display sporting an insane number of pixels, (326 per inch) Apple says the pixels are so fine your eye can not distinguish individual pixels. I can’t wait to see if its as good as they claim =)

What are your thoughts on apples latest gadget?

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3 thoughts on “iPhone 4

  1. I love the new iPhone! (except for the kind of square-ness to it… we’ll see how it is once I get some hands-on time with it)

    I plan on getting one within a week of launch.

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