Belkin Neoprene Kindle Case

Belkin Neoprene Kindle Case

Just picked up a Belkin Neoprene Kindle Case for my kindle, figured just shoving it into the bottom of my backpack wasn’t all that good for it. The Belkin case has a Neoprene interior and exterior with a bit of vinyl wrapping around the majority of the external bits.

The interior of this case is very soft which is great at protecting the device, I have a bit of scratches on the border around my screen. For some reason the screen itself has remained in extremely good condition even with it bouncing around my bag with all the other random things. theres also a bit of a lip around the edge to protect the kindle form the zipper of the case. All-in-all I find this an extremely good deal, if your looking for a case for your kindle I recommend this one 100%

Belkin Neoprene Kindle Case

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