4th Generation iPhone?

Someone’s in trouble over at Apple, apparently someone “found” a iPhone on the floor at a bar in Redwood City, which is under 20 miles from Apple headquarters. Gizmodo is 99% sure the device is authentic.

I’m not completely sure about it but I’m going to have to lean on the side of believing this one. I for one really like the design, I’ve always been a fan of hard edges and actual don’t really like the rounded back my 3GS has when I upgraded from a first gen.

Most noticeable changes are the separate volume buttons, a MicroSIM card instead of the standard SIM card. The Display is apparently a tad smaller but much higher resolution. The iPhone looks to now support a Front-facing camera, (hopefully for video calls).

According to the individual who found the phone, it was running OS 4.0 before the iPhone 4.0 announcement but it looks as if Apple has remotely bricked the phone and now all that can be seen on it now is the Connect to iTunes screen, it can’t be restored since it needs iPhone OS 4.0 which is not available at this time.

I’m hoping the volume buttons can act as soft keys in apps, when I had my first gen Jail broken I reconfigured volume up to act as a shutter release giving it more of a camera feel when taking pictures. I’m hoping Apple does something similar with this phone.

Either way, we’ll know for sure in a few short months. If apple follows with the re past announcements, Steve will be showing us a fully operational version soon .

For the full story head over to Gizmodo and take a look at the rest of the photos as well as a few videos they have posted.


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