Apple Drops 40Gig AppleTV, and price of 160Gig Model.

Apple TV BannerLooks like the AppleTV is getting some attention after being ignored during the Music event Apple just hosted. Apple has done away with the 40Gig AppleTV and slashed the price of the 160Gig Model to US$229. Perhaps they are clearing inventory in preparation for a new AppleTV? It seams lately all other Apple Products have been getting all the love maybe we can look forward to a revision of the AppleTV.

Apple TV PriceWhatever apple ends up doing one thing is for sure they need a Software update, even if its only to add support for the new iTunes LP format. It would be nice to be able to browse all that new content on my Big Screen.

I know of several people that don’t understand the AppleTV but I love mine, what are your thoughts on apples Media device?

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