Mac’s Vs PC’s

I’ve tried to stay out of the whole Mac Vs. PC argument.

Which actually is no longer the Mac Vs. PC argument. Mac’s are now Intel based, so they are PC’s.

So it’s now the Mac’s Vs. Windows Argument.

I’ve still tried to keep my head out of it because I don’t think one’s better than the other, both serve their purpose. Windows just serves a purpose that does not suit me anymore, so I stay away from it except for at work. (OK, that’s only half true. I  do quite a bit of work on my Linux box even at work. I love the network diagnostic abilities resident in Linux).

A perfect example.Want to play games on your computer? Don’t bother with a Mac. I don’t really play to0 many games on my computers anymore, and the few I do play all actually have Mac clients, so I’m good. But Windows currently holds the edge in the gaming market, way above Apple.

Anyway, let’s get down to the point. I recently got a comment on my MySpace profile (yea yea I know Myspace, Ewww. but If I want to communicate with my friends up north that refuse to use any other communications means other than MySpace, so I’m stuck). He writes:

“so you finally did it! you went to the dark side and went full on mac?! well since i now know someone that knows computers, can you tell me this? what makes mac’s better than pc?”

And My responce:

“I don’t play the Mac’s are better than PC’s game, they both have their purpose. For you since you play games you’re better off with a PC. I like Macs better because they are full on 64 bit (processor and OS), granted you very well may have a 64 bit CPU but until you get a 64 bit OS it’s useless (of course this is not PC’s fault this is Windows failing to keep up with hardware, you can always run Linux and you’re set.) Yes I know windows has a 64 bit version but hardly any applications are actually compatible with it.

Second reason, Mac software is reasonably priced.

How many Vista versions are there? 6 versions.

How many Versions of Mac OS X? One it does it all. How much? $129.

The best part? My step-dad has an iMac and a MacBook, my sister has a iMac and a Macbook, and my Mom has a iMac. Thats 5 Macs in my parents house.

Let’s see, doing a quick search on Amazon, I see I can get Windows Vista Home Premium for a Mere $117.99. Oh dang. we need 5 copies. That comes out to $589.95 for the basic version of Vista. Ultimate? Yea, that’s going to cost you $1199.95

How much for the OS X Ultimate? Oh wait, that’s right, only one version of OS X, 649.95? Nope, go grab the family pack for $199 and you’re all set.

Got 4 gigs of ram like I do in my Mac? Oh wait,  you can’t use it all because the 32 bit version of Windows doesn’t know how. Got the 64 bit version? Sweet. Oh dang, now you can’t install anything because its not compatible.

I just got tired of dealing with it all. My Mac just works, all the time, whenever I want it to, it works and works well. Am I saying its better than PC’s? No I can’t even say that since everything after OS X is Intel based which means Mac’s ARE PC’s. I can even load Windows on it if I need to, but why load an OS on my Mac that can’t even utilize the hardware to its potential? The only game I currently play on the computer is EVE Online and it has a Mac client. Oh yea, ditto on World of Warcraft, Mac client works fine.

I actually have an AMD Athlon 64 Dual Core 4600+ box laying around that had windows on it but I don’t game enough on the PC platform anymore to need it. And I got sick of Windows so it’s now running Ubuntu Linux.

No more blue screen of death and I don’t have to reformat and reload every 6 months (or more often if I’m lucky).

So, Am I saying My Mac is better than your PC? Nope But I sure prefer it. =)”

Any other thoughts?

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1 thought on “Mac’s Vs PC’s

  1. well said, glad to hear some intelligible responses instead of “vista just sux” cause personally i have never had a problem with it. but then again I’m a Geek/Gamer/IT so go figure. I’m also experimenting with other o/s and planning on getting certified in Linux as well as go after my MCP or MCE haven’t decided which one yet.

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