Amazon Kindle 2.0

kindle-2So I posted a while ago about the Kindle, and I’ve got an update on it, No I still dont have it. But I did just recieve an Email from Amazon reguarding it, we’ll ok my perrents recieved the email since they bought it for me as a gift but my sister went ahead and fowarded it on to me.  The important bit is as follows:

Because you already ordered the original Kindle and are awaiting its arrival, we’re pleased to inform you that we are upgrading your order so that you will receive the new Kindle 2. You will be in the first group to receive Kindle 2, and you will receive yours as soon as Kindle 2 becomes available later this month. You need not do anything.

With a new sleek design, Kindle 2 has seven times more storage and carries over 1,500 titles. An advanced display provides even crisper images and clear text for an improved book-like reading experience. Page turning is faster, the battery life is 25% longer, and our new ‘Text-to-Speech’ feature means Kindle can even read to you.

This is Great news as I was rather upset to hear about the announcement of a new Kindle not a month after one had been ordered for me. But this news just makes me love Amazon even more than before =)

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