Boxee to get its own box?


Thats right according to a blog post by the boxee developers during CES they were approached by several device makers with the intrest of embeding boxee in there devices. For now your only option is to set up a Mac or Linix computer to your TV, and install Boxee on that system. While you can also install it on the AppleTV its not fully supported yet (Netflix is non funtional along with a few other bugs, again still alpha software!).

I have to admit the concept of buying a dedicated box (as long as it has the avaliable HD space) is rather exciting. I for one already have boxee installed on my AppleTV and will be installing it on my iMac (just for the nifty interface for Netflix).

Anyway if your as excited about a dedicated boxee device as I am you can read more about it over on the boxee blog, they are actually looking for input on this idea and have a quick survey set up over there to gaterh information on this concept.

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