Boxee openes up Alpha.


Up till recently Boxee has been closed off for only testers to use, but Boxee has now opened up the Alpha testing so no more asking me for invites just head over to to get in on the wonderful world of Boxee.

Along with the announcement of the open Alpha Boxee has added some new features:

  • iPlayer support for UK users.
  • Joost
  • MTV Music
  • dual-screen support
  • Netflix improvements
  • Search feature added to Hulu

So far also note that Netflix only works on the Mac version of Boxee and not on the AppleTV so your set if your running on a Mac Mini, This is the one feature I’m waiting for =)

Also remember this is still in Alpha meaning its not finished yet. By all means don’t let that scare you away. Boxee is a wonderful application and works great even in its testing condition. but don’t expect everything to work flawlessly.

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