HowTo: Getting boxee on your AppleTV

So you got yourself a AppleTV connected to your TV do ya, like having all your media at your fingertips? But what about sites like Hulu? Boy, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to watch all the movies on your TV? What if I told you you can? And on your AppleTV none the less?

Introducing boxee. Right now boxee is only available to Alpha testers as the software is still in Development, but if you know someone who is already in on the testing (*cough*me!) they can get you in on it as well, just leave a comment requesting one and if you give me a valid email when posting the comment I’ll invite you to the testing (you dont have to leave your email in the comment just enter it in teh email field and It will be kept private.)

atv-downloadBoxee was designed as a port of the XBMC, and was originally designed to work with Linix and OSX but guess what! the AppleTV’s Operating system is basically a version of OSX so yes you can run boxee on your AppleTV, I know I know, you dont want to get rild of the Front Row functionality, well gess what, you dont have to. Yep the boxee launcher is in a submenu on the stock interface so you get the best of both worlds.

so lets get started, you’ll need the following:

  1. A 512mb flash drive
  2. The latest version of the atvusb-creator.

atv-usb-creatorI know I know what a huge list, Back to the HaX0r Modification. go ahead and run the atvusb creator. MAKE SURE TO SELECT YOUR FLASH DRIVE and not that 1TB external disk with all your media on it. In fact before you go any further just unplug that disk, just so we dont format the wong disk. Yes you heard right format, meaning if you have anything important on that flash drive back it up before clicking the “Create Using” button (there are some more detailed instructions on creating the patchstick here). Okay so once we are sure we are writing to the Flash drive and not to your 1TB eternal drive go ahead and click the “Create Using” button. this will reformat your USB flash drive and copy all the necessary files for the AppleTV to boot from it.

ONWORD! Go unplug your AppleTV, yes now go! ok unpluged? now plug in the the patchstick you just created. ok the next part is really difficult you ready for this? Plug it back in, turn it on (Play/Pause button on the Apple Remote) and wait. yep that’s it, the rest is automated. Okay now whats going to happen is you’ll see a bunch of text as a Linux environment patches the AppleTV, eventually you’ll see text at the bottom asking you to reset your AppleTV, so unplug it again, yes now! Unplug the power, then the USB patchstick. Give it 10 seconds or so and go ahead and plug your AppleTV back in.

Almost done! Okay once the AppleTV boots back up you’ll see 2 new menus, the first XBMC/Boxee is the one you want, go ahead and click that, then go to update, and click “Boxee”, this will now automatically download and install the latest version of Boxee, after that finishes go ahead and launch boxee from teh XBMC/Boxee menu and log in (Comment asking for a key and I’ll invite you to the Alpha test).

Ok. now head over to the settings, and adjust the Settings -> Apperance -> Screen -> Video Calabration, and adjust the Overscan Calibration to match your TV, last step, Enjoy! your all done =)

*Interested in the larger version? Apple TV with 160GB Hard Drive – MB189LL/A

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3 thoughts on “HowTo: Getting boxee on your AppleTV

  1. Hi Brandon,

    I’m planning on buying an apple tv in a few days solely for boxee. Can you please be kind enough to send me an invite??

    Many thanks!!

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