Flip Video – Its that easy! (Now in High Def!)

flipminoA while ago I wrote a bit about the Flip video, in fact I ordered one, you all know me I love Gadgets, and this is one of my favorits, I love how easy it is, shoot your video, plug it in, your computer sees it as a removable hard disk and you can just grave the files right off the camera, but wait thers more!

Thats right the guys over at Pure Digital Technologies have outdone themselves again. they have created a new model, and yep its High Def this time! Dubed the Flip Mino HD Its got twice the space as the unit I have (4Gb vs. my 2Gb) but it still holds 60min due to it recording in High Def now.

Also Teamed up with the Mino series is the Flip Mino which is pretty much a newer version of the Flip Ultra. My Flip Ultra takes 2 AA batteries while the new Mino has a Internal Lithium-Ion Rechargeable which should get you 4 hours of shooting time. Also it charges via the USB cable so while your transfering data off the camera it will start charging the interal battery.

Flip Video MinoHD Camcorder, 60 Minutes (Black)

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