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I recently heard that Google Chrome would be leaving beta soon, but I didn’t realize it would be happening this soon. Yesterday Google Chrome officially leaves beta with the release of version 1.0. I am primarily a Mac user so I run Flock at home, but I am atrociously awaiting the release of the Mac version of Chrome.

My laptop and work computers though are windows machines and both run Chrome, I know I’m not supposed to install applications at work but this is my one exception, I just hate how bad IE handles memory, after a few hours of it being up it uses so many resources its not even funny, but I can run Chrome thorough my entire shift and it still maintains a Minimal footprint. even if I leave it running after my shift is over. Sometimes I just lock my machine and leave everything going. the one time I did that with IE running I came back to work the next day to find it using over 200M of memory, I’ve done the same with chrome and found it utilizing a fraction of that.

I was browsing though lifehacker the other day and found a great guide for the everyday power user you may want to check out.

Not ready to give up on FireFox quite yet? not that I blame you Mozilla FireFox is an amazing product, you might want to check out lifehackers article on Enable Chrome’s Best Features in Firefox. but my favorite Chrome feature is the ability for each tab to run as its own process, I’ve already been saved multiple times by this, have myself a nice long blog written up and load up a badly designed web page in another tab that causes that tab to crash, had I been using FireFox all my progress would have been lost but Chrome isolates that crash to that one tab and everything else is not affected by it, this also allows Chrome to be extremely efficient with its memory footprint. Long story short give it a try you just may love it. =)

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