Backup, Backup & BACKUP!

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times, so why can’t I follow my own advice, after updating wordpress to 2.6.3 I decided to check everything else and upgrade them as well and it turns out k2 has rc7 out, so off to the command line and after I type “rm -rfv k2” I smack myself in the head.

My custom skin of K2 isnt backed up anywhere, SO back to the default k2 skin for a bit while I redesign the old skin, actually maybe this is a good time for a site redesign, keep an eye pealed you may see a new look to kaotickreation soon. but in the mean time I’m going to hunt around for a decent looking premade skin.

Anyway let this be a lesson to you, Backup, Backup & whats that last step again, oh yea BACKUP!

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