Digital Dice

I recently purchased Mach Dice (iTunes Link) for the iPhone, Before the developer (Mach Kobayashi) upgraded the program to 2.0 this little was fun but not all that special, a friend looked at it and said it would be much better if you were able to individually color the dice, I thought about emailing the developer and sugesting this idea but since forgot about it.

Looks like Mach read our minds because he just updated the app and added that plus much more to it.  2.0 sports the following new features.

  • colored dice
  • multiple backgrounds
  • dice locking
  • dice throwing
  • history of rolls
  • settings window
  • 6-sided pips or numbers
  • 4-sided graphics fix
  • 2-sided coins
  • One-Roll Engine
  • Watch the developer demoing 2.0:

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