A multi-process browser for OS X inspired by Google Chrome?

That’s right, if your like me you’ve been waiting for the OS X version of Google Chrome, I currently use Chrome at work because I’m forced into a windows environment there, (yuck!) but at home I still rock Flock.

well While its not Google Chrome its inspired by it and even sports Multi-processes which is what I love about Chrome in the first place. Introducing Stainless. While I’m not about to go replace Flock with Stainless. Its something you might want to check out.


heres what Mesa Dynamics says about there latest creation:

First, a disclaimer: At this point, Stainless is really just a technology demo and is likely to stay that way (though we might add some novel ideas we have for bookmark, history and download management).

So, why did we create yet-another-WebKit-browser? Because building a multi-process browser for OS X was a cool way to leverage the multi-processing technology we developed for one of our products, Hypercube.

Judging from Chromium’s OS X Detailed Status page, the Mac version of Chrome will use a WebCore-rendered bitmap to pass between the browser and rendering processes. The strategy we use in Hypercube (and now Stainless) is far less ambitious, but a whole lot easier to do and, thus, available today for your downloading pleasure (for Leopard only, sorry).

Check it out and download the App over at http://www.stainlessapp.com/

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