New iPod Nano

Yes I know I’m late, works been keeping me from writing, but I really wanted to voice some of my thoughts on some new Apple toys. Specifically the new iPod nanos, I really like the new colors but the storage options makes me cry.

I really wish they offered the iPod classic in as many colors ans the new iPod nano,

I’d love to rock a nice blue iPod with 120 gigs of storage. my Music collection has already surpassed the 16 gig limitations of the iPod nano.

If you read my last post you know I just recently bought my self a bran new car. and the stereo in the car has the ability to connect an iPod to it, if I’m going to look into buying a new iPod I really want the ability to bring my entire music collection along, I have an older (5th gen) 30gig iPod I used right now. its been sitting in my closet for the past 6 months or so due to a cracked screen which is why I want to replace it. Not that its that big of a deal, my car offers me the ability to control the iPod from the deck so I don’t even need to use the screen anymore.

What are your thoughts on the new iPods? Like em? love em? let us know!

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