Blizzard Store Still down

Thats right, as of 10:45 AM PST the Blizzard store is still down, good luck getting ahold of Blizzcon ticets. Hopefully we’ll get a hold of some today, guess F5 wil be our friend today.  blizzards last statement states:

Update: 10:30 AM PDT – We’ve made significant progress throughout the morning on implementing optimizations for the BlizzCon ticket website to better handle the load of purchase requests. We’re continuing to work on these updates, and we currently estimate that tickets will be available for purchase again after 12:00PM PDT today.

Further details regarding ticket availability will be posted on the World of Warcraft forums, and we’ll post another update here when tickets are up for sale again.

So start pounding F5 after noon!

further information and updates visit the following URL:

for ticket sales (when it works) visit the following URL:

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