Random Mount Macro

So you want one button for all your mounts in World of Warcraft eh? you got it!

/use [button:2] Ebon Gryphon
/userandom Reins of the Black War Tiger, Summon Dreadsteed

Also I beleive (although have not tested) you can randomize between flying mounts with the following

/userandom [button:2] Ebon Gryphon, Ashes of Al'ar
/userandom Reins of the Black War Tiger, Summon Dreadsteed

Better yet what if you have a long list of mounts? head over to wowhead.com and look up your mount the last part of the URL will be the item number, grab that number and do the following

/userandom [button:2] item:25471, item:32458
/userandom item:29471, Summon Dreadsteed

Since the last one is not an item the item:item number wont work, but this will produce the same as the one above it,

Hope you found the information of use =)

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