Flip Video – Its that easy!

the Flip Video - Ultra SeriesCheck this little gadget out, I’m ordering one soon, granted its only 640×480 rez but with its size and ease of use (not to mention the price) this little guy is a must have.

I’ve used my little cybershot to record video but its limited to 30 second clips, the flip video is 30 minutes, and thats just the small one, thats right you can get one with twice the storage for just a bit more, (really its like $10 more).

This little guy can output video directly to your TV or to your computer via the built in USB 2.0 on the side of the camera, if you’ve got yourself a laptop you’ll never have to worry about running out room on your cam =)

Already have one? What do you think of it? Like I said I don’t actually have one yet but I’m pretty sure I will be getting one here soon.

Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder, 60-Minutes (Black).

  • “One of the most significant electronics products of the year”
    • – New York Times, March 20, 2008
  • “World’s simplest video camera”
    • – Yahoo!, 09/13/2007
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