K2 Back!

K2 is back, but is RC5 out? nope, I did a bit of research and discovered the reason k2 was not working with WordPress 2.5 was actually the fault of the new WordPress 2.5 dashboard. While the new Dashboard is pretty impressive it now uses widgets.

Herein lies the problem k2 blocks the wordpress widgets to instead use its built in sidebar, now I love this sidebar. so the solution to getting k2 to function is to disable its ability to block widgets when displaying the admin screen. this can be done by modifying the widgets-removal.php located in:


simply update the entire contents of that file to the following.

I’ve also noticed that in a few cases you will still receive errors when trying to view the admin panel. I was able to solve this by renaming the k2 directory to something different k2b for example. then under the themes section of the admin control panel reactivate k2.

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