iPhone SDK?

Well here we are Feb 29th and no SDK to speak of yet. Well not entirely true. Apple COO Tim Cook took some time to speak about the upcoming SDK recently. ( Didn’t Apple announce this was to be released in February?)

All Cook really had to say about the upcoming SDK was that it would “only be limited by [their] imagination.” He declined to give further details because Apple wants to keep “the element of surprise.”

I’ve read from various sources that programming on the iPhone will be just like programming applications for the Mac. If this is the case it’s great news. This means Apple will not be forcing developers to work in a little box.
However this will also present a security issue. Users will definitely have to make sure they are getting their applications from a reliable source as the programs have access to everything in the iPhone including the mic, the camera, and even the ability to triangulate your position using cell towers.

What does this mean? This means, if you get an application from an unscrupulous source, they have the ability to listen to you with the mike on your phone and track where you’ve been by triangulating your position based on cell towers.

Now I do admit that this is all speculation on my part. Apple my have very well already thought of all this and have a solution to this issue. For example, what’s stopping them from verifying all applications and then offering them only through the Apple store via iTunes?

We all know Apple loves to keep themselves in control. If you’re interested in listening to Tim Cook discuss the SDK as well as many other things Apple, the recording is available on the Apple site at the following link:


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