French police plan Windows-free jails, offices

So, I’ve noticed that while I finally made the switch from Windows, other people and organizations are starting to get the idea that free is better. I for one will not be paying the $200+ for Vista.

The French Police department has decided the same thing. I saved about $200. The French Police department has decided to upgrade their Windows XP systems to Ubuntu (free Linux distribution).

Thats right. They will be migrating some 70,000 PC’s over the next 5 years. Now thats an upgrade =)

Microsoft is slowly losing the “operating system war” as more and more companys realize that by switching over to open-source software, they are not only saving money, but gaining more control over the software as well.

Don’t like something about Vista? Too bad.

Don’t Like something about Ubuntu? Change it.

Ubuntu as well as other Linux solutions is completely open source, giving you the power to configure the systems in any way you see fit. Obviously you need to know how. In the case of the French Police, they can out source the changes and still save millions of Euros.

As for price I can only imagine the cost of the site license for 70,000 copies of Windows Vista. On the other hand, Ubuntu costs, well lets see, 70,000 x 0 comes out to about…well you guessed it…nothing.

This is not the first switch to open source alternatives the French police have undergone. Two years ago they made the smart choice to ditch Internet Explorer, and three years ago they got rid of Microsoft Office opting for the free alternative. (Which is a far better option in my opinion).

This switch to open source solutions is thought to be the largest among any public organization. Hopefully this change makes a few more realize all the money they are throwing away and helping to make Microsoft rich at the same time.

Till next time.

//Brandon Leon

French police plan Windows-free jails, offices

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2 thoughts on “French police plan Windows-free jails, offices

  1. Whats to train? Firefox? they already use it on windows, Thunderbird for email? almost exactly like outlook, remember they are desktop users not administrators, they don’t need to know how Linux works to use everyday applications.

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