News: Silverware Art. Don’t Worry, I’ll Spoon You.

As some of you know, I’ve always been into photography. I don’t have a nice SLR like my buddy Jesse over at RansackNation (yet) . But I do have a fairly high resolution Sony Cybershot, The DSC-P200 to be exact. 7.2Megapixels.

Forks ColorAnyway, one day I was just screwing around with some silverware I just washed before tossing it back in the drawer. I had a pile of it on the counter and decided to snap a few pictures for the hell of it. I really liked how some of the shots came out. I submitted one to Deviant art.

I hadn’t logged into Deviant Art in quite awhile. So when I did go there other day, what did I find? A comment posted on that very picture. (the one you see to the right) It was used along with a large selection of other silverware based art.

And just in case anyone is wondering what camera I have my eye on next, I’m looking to pickup a Nikon D80.

Follow the link below to the article that featured the artwork to the right.

News: Silverware Art. Don’t Worry, I’ll Spoon You.

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2 thoughts on “News: Silverware Art. Don’t Worry, I’ll Spoon You.

  1. It doesn’t require a really nice DLSR to take great photos! Just get out there and go for it you know? DSLR does help though.

    D80 is a great choice. I don’t think you plan on buying soon right? I hold out just a little longer. Nikon just announced the D60. Seems to be a replacement for the D40x. I’d personally hold out for a D90 announcement (assuming thats what they call it). D90 would be the newer D80, which would be worth waiting for!

  2. I agree, I’ve snapped a few good shots with my DSC-P200 but I want the ability to swap out lenses and a few other features that surpass the capability of my little point and shoot camera. I’ll have to look into the D90 (again assuming thats what its released as.) Thanks for the tip.

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