Activision blocks Rock Band Patch

guitar Hero III for PS3Harmonix created a patch, which was submitted to Sony on December 4th, this patch would have allowed the Guitar Hero III controller to function with Rock Band. However this patch will not be making it to your PS3, Why? Because Activision objected to the Patch, they do not want there controller to work with rock band.

Rock Band GameNow am I the only one that thinks this is extremely stupid on Activision’s part? I was planning on buying the GH3 bundle pictured above. Why? because I’d be getting a bunch of new songs in GH3, and a 2nd controller to function as the bass guitar on Rock Band, once I found out about Activision blocking the Patch I said forget it, why pay for the bundle now? I already have Rock Band, Which in my opinion is a far better game.

Honestly I don’t know what Activision was thinking, Granted yes Rock Band is a competing game but the second I leared they were releasing the bundle with only a single controller I would have created the patch myself, look at how many people will be needing a second controller if they want to rock the entire band, in comes GH3 to the rescue, there sales would have rocketed.

As far as I’m concerned I have no intention of buying GH3 unless this patch is released.

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3 thoughts on “Activision blocks Rock Band Patch

  1. I’m not sure the exact reason for this, but I think it partly has to do with the fact that GH3 was released on 360 while for Playstation it came out on PS2, So while for Xbox both games were released on the same console where for Sony one came out on PS2 and the other on PS3, for this reason Rock Band needs the patch to be able to understand the input from the PS2 controller (why they didn’t just build this into the original version of the game I have no clue.)

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