New Mac Ad – Misprint

Apple has released a new ad which makes reference to PC world article testing Windows Vista laptops. Guess who the winner was. The apple Mac Book Pro. Thats right, on all the Windows Vista powered laptops the fastest machine was a computer built for Mac OSX.

tv.pngI find it very interesting that the winning machine was built by a company that really doesn’t care whether or not you choose to run Windows on it.

Here is a short quote from the article.

“The fastest Windows Vista notebook we’ve tested this year (through 10/25/07) is a Mac. Try that again: The fastest Windows Vista notebook we’ve tested this year–or for that matter, ever–is a Mac. Not a Dell, not a Toshiba, not even an Alienware. The $2419 (plus the price of a copy of Windows Vista, of course) MacBook Pro’s PC WorldBench 6 Beta 2 score of 88 beats Gateway’s E-265M by a single point, but the MacBook’s score is far more impressive simply because Apple couldn’t care less whether you run Windows.”

Check out the full article, as well as the ad:

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