iTunes, and Smart Playlists

smartplaylists1.pngAs I promised in my last post, here’s a quick walk-through on creating your own Smart Playlists for iTunes.

This is handy if you have an iPhone, but your music library is larger than 8Gigs. It works just as well with a Nano or any iPod smaller than your collection.

Your first step is to select “New Smart Playlist…” from the File Menu.

This will bring you to a new window with several options.smartplaylists2.png Next you’re going to want to make some selections.

For this example, I’m creating a playlist that contains the music I’ve listened to over the past 2 weeks. This playlist is real handy when you’re out and you want to listen to a song that came up in iTunes last night while you were home.

Assuming you sync’d your device before you left that is.

This Smart Playlist will contain that song, as well as everything else you’ve listened to over the past 2 weeks.

Another handy feature available allows you to limit the playlist to a fixed size, if you don’t want to fill up the entire device. Because I store movies and other goodies on my iPhone too, I have this list capped at 1Gig. (I’ll display my settings for this playlist later.)smartplaylists3.png

For this next drop down option, you’re going to want to select “is in the last” and then enter 1 month, 2 weeks, or whatever time frame you want this list to go backwards.

In the example image I used 1 month.For my own playlist, I use 2 weeks.

Finally, be sure that you have the “Live Updating” box checked. This ensures the playlist updates in real time. If you leave this box unchecked, it builds a static playlist that meets the criteria.

However, when you listen to new music, it doesn’t update the playlist. Instead it stays exactly the same as when it was created.

Live updating allows it to constantly update based on the music you’ve listened to recently.

Thats it! You have just created a simple Smart Playlist using iTunes.smartplaylists4.pngHere are the settings for the playlist I use.

I have a few more options set in order to prevent the my audio books and podcasts from appearing in this playlist. I use separate playlists to sync that content over.

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