World of Warcraft in Linux

After a bit of looking around, I found a very good walk through on setting up World of Warcraft on a Linux system. WoW was the only reason I dual booted to Windows so I decided to see if I could get it functioning on Linux.

World of Warcraft in LinuxIt turned out to be extremely easy. I just downloaded and installed WINE, copied the WoW installer CD’s to my hard disk and ran the installer, a few modifications to the file in the WTF directory to make the game run in OpenGL mode and I was ready to go.

I launched the game, downloaded the update, and let the patch run. I was in the game in no time.

The game runs great, but I still need to get myself a new video card because the computer I just purchased only has on board video. (Yea I know. Ewww.) But once I get that installed, I don’t expect any further problems. Visit the following link for the walk through I followed to get this running.

The game runs surprisingly well. I honestly can’t tell a difference once the game is running. The framerate is pretty low, but it is with windows too. This is due to not having a video card and being stuck trying to run this with on board video. I’ll be getting myself a new video card once I get some new ball joints installed on my truck.

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